Tired, but Happy

So, the stressful week ended Friday at noon. I forget what happened that afternoon at work. I left at 5:00, got my oil changed and car washed. I arrived home before 7:00, but it felt like 9 or 10. I watched Enterprise and the last 3 episodes of West Wing to catch up. I have to say that is probably one of the best shows on TV. Seconds after the last episode of West Wing ended, Gaila got online. I called her so we could finalize the plan for the weekend.

Saturday I got up and left around 12:00. IA-141 is really fun to drive between Dennison and I-29. I actually remember taking that road before, but couldn't remember when until I got to Sioux City. My brother's friend got married near Sioux City. Our family attended.

I love South Dakota driving. The interstate speed limit is 75, and the people around there have this strange habit of going 65. I had a habit of going 80 or 85 :devil smiley: .

Having an oil change does wonders on gas mileage. I toped off the tank in Ames and filled up just before Vermilion. I got 29.5 miles per gallon and only took a little over 1/4 tank.

Saturday night we ordered a pizza and watched Star Wars: A new Hope, then went to an open mic night at a cafe in Vermilion. It was nice to attend a live music event. Sort of reminds me of when I hang out with my brother in New York, except here it was folk music rather than blues/jazz. Back at the dorm we talked again until the sun came up in the morning.

In case you didn't notice, there is something between Gaila and I. We discussed it and we pretty much hooked up. We're both willing to see what happens, even though we have no clue how it will work and know it probably wont last as long as her previous relationship.

Anyway, it's time for class. I hope everyone had a good weekend.


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