Yay! It's Finally Break Time

This week has been so stressful. Having two group project deadlines, a take home exam, a paper, and a case study were all due this week. Before Tuesday at noon, there was another project due this week, but luckily, the class is small and the project has been pushed to after break.

Sometime during this past week (between the 13th and 14th) marks 2 years with Gaila. Looking back at the blog entry I made about it, I can't believe it has been this long. Time flies.

I managed to find a program that will work with the bluetooth in my cell phone to perform actions when I use it or when I leave or come back from my computer. It is really nice when the phone rings while I have my music going. When the phone rings, I get a nice notification of who is calling me (integrated with Address Book). When I answer it, iTunes pauses. It's especially awesome when the phone rings when I'm in the living room with AirTunes piping music out there; I don't have to miss a beat :D. I might just spend the $10 to purchase it after the 10 day fully functional trial. The program is called BluePhoneElite.

Apparently, some people have been having problems with FireFox crashing when trying to load the video in my last post. I tried to duplicate the problem, even on a machine that exhibited the problem, but it didn't crash on me. I have changed it to not auto play and enabled the controller. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

I will now leave you with a posting of an image that reflects my opinion about the whole PS3 hype, and will probably apply to the Wii hype on Sunday.


Kudos and Thank you ... two e-cards in one?

1) Congratulations and happy anniversary to you and Gaila!

2) Thank you for not crashing my Firefox.