New York, Users Groups, and Best Buy

I went to visit my brother in Seneca Falls, NY last week along with my parents. It was nice to get out of work for a week and relax a little bit. We hit the wine trails a couple of the days, so I kind of know what I like for wine. I’ll have some pictures from the trip up soon.

Lately, I have started to get involved in a couple groups in Des Moines. The CocoaHeads had its very first meeting in Des Moines and the PHP User’s Group, CIAPUG, will start meeting again starting in early September in Ankeny. I am excited to be joining these groups to help me expand my interests away from work. I think being part of CocoaHeads will help me learn Cocoa as there are a couple other newbies in the group that I can progress with. I really don't know about the fate of the AmesMUG now since most of the officers are either graduated (like me) or in grad school. There needs to be some more freshman/sophomores to get interested, or the group will probably die.

The HDMI port on my TV died, so I had to take it into Best Buy. Interesting story. The port dies, I call Westinghouse, they tell me to use a straight HDMI cable and not an DVI to HDMI converter cable I was using. They did not accept the fact that I tested the cable on a different TV and it worked. So I buy a $45 HDMI cable from Radio Shack and borrow my parent’s up-convert DVD player and sure enough, it sill doesn’t work. Westinghouse does not have any service techs in the area, so the service will have to be carried out by Best Buy :( . Call Best Buy, they don’t know what I should do; they will give me a call the next day. The next day I get a voice mail saying just take it into the local Best Buy store. I take it to the local Best Buy Store and they inform me they do not take TVs that are larger than 25 inches for service. Talk to their Geek Squad to see if they can find a record of the service that needs to be done. I ended up calling Best Buy’s warranty line and they basically order the local Best Buy to take it and ship it out to a depot. I’m quoted 2 to 3 weeks on the repair. It has been two weeks now, and no word about it yet.