Icky Weekend

This weekend sucked. Thursday afternoon during the last day of the process improvement workshop at work, I started feeling sick (achy, sore throat). I called in sick on Friday, even though I wanted to get started working on some ideas from the workshop. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, both Gaila and I hung around the apartment eating Ramin, watching TV and playing Sim City on the Wii Virtual Console. I ended up calling in sick on Tuesday as well when I finally felt good enough to be active in the middle afternoon. Luckily I got a new TV in exchange for my broken one on Wednesday. Unluckily, my mini's DVI port is busted (actually it's probably something else causing the DVI to not work now that I have it in the shop).

On some good news, the PHP User Group turned out to be pretty cool, other than the fact the majority of the people there were from Captain Jacks Communications.