Budgeting for a House

Now that I have a steady job and am saving money, I am considering buying a house in about a year. My goal is to save 20% of a down payment.

In order to aide me in figuring out this goal, I used Numbers and found that I could really save some money by not going out to eat a lot. I have been going out for lunch every day and often going out for dinner because Gaila works evenings. I will be cooking dinner when Gaila is working evenings and limiting going out to eat. I'll still be doing Satay on Mondays and Burrito on Fridays and the occasional out to eat dinner. Cutting down on weekday eating out will save me a lot.

Unfortunately, trying to save for a down payment means I will probably not be able to go to WWDC in 2008 with a bunch of people who are planning.