I'm Going to WWDC '08

wwdc08_badge.pngSo, I will be going to WWDC this year. Work will be sending me. I have my flight and hotel all squared away. I will be staying at the W San Francisco, only one block from the convention center. The W is a 4-Star hotel I got for $219/night with government discount. Yay for being a state employee. At least four other people from ISU will be going and most of them staying at the W. Colin will be splitting the room with me, unless for some strange reason he doesn't get the WWDC scholarship. I will also be going to a Giants game against Oakland that Friday night. I will be looking forward to perhaps hanging out with Mark who Colin and I met at WWDC 2006 and moved to the Bay Area from Canada just recently.

In other news, my iMac at work has crapped out. For the past couple weeks I have had a few kernel panics. Then, Monday morning the machine wouldn't respond when I woke it up. I did a reboot and it couldn't find the hard drive. Booting from the installer disk revealed that it couldn't find the drive either in System Profiler or Disk Utility. For the time being I am using my personal laptop at work to stuff done. Thankfully I have been keeping Time Machine backups, so I didn't loose anything important.