What Happend This June?

june08.pngWow, this month has been pretty crazy. What has happened this whole month I haven't posted anything?

First week in June was settling down after the apartments flooded. The weekend after the flooding our landlord was ready to start painting most of the affected apartments. The day before I left for WWDC (Saturday), I helped paint several apartments and hallways. Then, the next day I flew out the San Francisco without really being able to stretch my legs, so the ended up being kind of sore. Pretty much all the tenants are back into their clean apartments now. By the way, Jim is an awesome landlord.

WWDC was lots of fun as always. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to talk about all the cool stuff I learned yet. However, some stuff I learned out there has already become public, such as SproutCore, a JavaScript framework for developing cross-browser, desktop-like web applications. They use it in the coming Mobile Me web applications. The band for the bash was very surprising. The Barenaked Ladies performed for us at the Yerba Buena Gardens. Friday of WWDC I went to Alcatraz with Rod and Shane who are from Iowa State. I took a whole bunch of pictures, mostly of Alcatraz.

The next week was pretty short. Dinner with my parents and Gaila's dad at my parent's place. Caught up on work that accumulated while I was gone. Wednesday morning I had my wisdom teeth removed.

I had all four of my teeth pulled. The top two were easily pulled. The bottom two were impacted, which required they do some cutting in my gums. The pain and the pain-killers as a result pretty much knocked me out through Monday. I was back to work the following Tuesday. I took the rest of that week taking things easy and catch up on more work I missed.

I managed to launch a site for a new major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Global Resource Systems. My boss and I are preparing for a major overhaul to the Brenton Center infrastructure. We'll be rolling out a new Active Directory to replace the current Novell system we are currently running and consolidating file storage to a pair of 12 TB Aberdeen systems (includes the main backup plan for it). I am currently working on an online database for aquatic vegetation that is taking up most of my time right now. I also have plans to redo the scholarship system and implement a content policy for the college site.

This last weekend I saw Wall•E twice. Once with Gaila on Friday night, and once with Brett and a bunch of his friends on Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening was spent hanging out with Brett and his friends at his apartment for his birthday and to say goodbye to him as he is moving to a new job in Kansas. Unfortunately, Gaila worked pretty much all of Saturday.

Sunday, I helped my parents order a new computer (iMac 20") after their 8 year old iMac kicked the bucket. I even managed to get my dad an iPod Touch as a replacement for his PDA that died a few weeks ago. I managed to backup their data so it will be ready when the new machine arrives.

Gaila and I have a tentative date for the wedding on Saturday, May 2nd in Ames. We still need to reserve facilities and plan everything. Buying a house has been put on hold for a while, but it looks like the market keeps moving more to be a buyer's market. I hope I don't miss the opportunity to buy when the market is down. I also broke down and got my own cable internet and digital cable for a reasonable price when it was on sale in June.

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