Summer's Over!

Fall classes start Monday. Where did the summer go?

What happened since the last post?

Not in any particular order.

  • Got a deal on digital cable and cable Internet
  • Bought a 3G iPhone and handed down my old iPhone to Gaila (she loves it)
  • While purchasing my iPhone, bought a 1TB TimeCapsule. I now have reliable, secure wireless in the apartment. Really great for the iPhone Remote app.
  • Setup my parent's iMac. I may have an iPod Touch coming my way.
  • Took a class on Windows Vista
  • Cleaned up a SQL injection attack on a departmental site
  • Rearick family reunion. Too many relatives I didn't even know existed
  • Someone was murdered at the Casey's just down the road from us
  • Twitter goes over capacity while I try to look back to fill out this list
  • Found the video of my co-workers doing a parody of "The Office"
  • Did something to my back and saw a chiropractor for the first time
  • Google Street View arrives in central Iowa
  • Went to the Iowa State Fair. Butter Shawn Johnson anyone?

Gaila and I are still working on wedding plans. The tentative date is May 2, 2009. If anyone has any tips, please let us know. Since we got engaged Gaila's uncle got engaged and will be getting married in October, Meridith got engaged and will be getting married in November, and my brother got engaged and will be getting married in July '09. I think we may have started a trend.

This weekend Gaila and I will be heading down to Ottumwa for the annual tomato and salsa canning party. Next weekend (Labor Day) we'll be camping down in Sailorville with some new friends of ours.

How long until my next update?


Weddings etc

What are you looking for as far as tips? I've certainly learned a lot in the last month and the learning curve continues to be steep. :) It's fun though. Most of the time. ;)

Don't you mean labor day?

I'm guessing it'll show up in about 6 weeks but sooner is always good. Not that I'm one to talk.