Summer's Definitely Over!

It has been about five months since my last post, not six weeks like one had predicted. I actually don't think there is much to write about in here. Especially since most of the trivial things end up on Twitter anyway.

Weather is finally starting to improve. I never thought I would consider 20F "balmy". This has been the coldest winter I can remember. Windchill readings reached -30F to -40 a couple times. Last week I started looking for places that are cooler than here and I found a lot of places in Alaska seem to be warmer. For example, last weekend it was about -2F outside here and 30F in Anchorage. I have to get temperature readings from Barrow, Alaska or Yellowknife, Canada.

Wedding plans are creeping forward. I have made a crappy site for it at We sent out save the date notifications last week, with the exception of a few because our printer is starting to ghost the image. Ideas for buying a house look really good for spring. With the low market and interest rates we can get a lot for our money now (that includes the house too!).

Work is going fine. It has been very busy the last month or so as I have been working on consulting for another center's IT needs and installing some of our own servers. I am finally getting back to some web development work this week and getting caught back up with my normal workload. I have also been working a little bit with the iTunes U people on campus to start getting our content published on ISU's iTunes U site.

Hopefully, I can have another update before Winter's finally over.