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Yawn. I just got back from LANFEST. This one lasted longer than usual, but it seemed like the shortest one. We played Unreal 2004 and one or two games of Command and Conquer: Generals. Pizza and pop was plentiful.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping that the gang can go bowling. If bowling is not an option or someone doesn't organize some sort of activity for tomorrow I will probably just stay home and relax a bit. Plus, I still have to think about WWDC. I will email the instructor and ask his advice. Most likely, though, I will probably decline my invitation :( .

Added to quote rotator:
"If I go to the West Student Office space and sit in a chair purchased with GSB funds, do I have to put a "Supported by GSB" sticker on my ass?" - Kula

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I just got an email from Apple accepting my application to WWDC (Developer's conference in San Francisco). I now have a dilemma. Weather or not to go to WWDC and drop my Stat 226 class, keep going with Stat 226 and not go to WWDC, or try to take a week off of stat to go to WWDC. WWDC falls during the second to last week of stat class. I have until the 7th to make up my mind and see if I can change classes. This is a very good opportunity. Though, I would like to learn Cocoa before going, but that could be something that I could learn in my spare time during the first part of the summer. I have to think about this and ask for advice.

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Wow, long day again. I picked up a computer this morning at 8:00 AM and started rebuilding it. I also updated Eudora on all the Macs in the building. Then near the end of the day I found that the entire computer did not get backed up, so I ended up missing some preferences and a few photo files. I'm glad the person that it happened to is a really nice guy. This is the first time I have made a mistake that resulted in the loss of data. It was bound to happen sometime, and I think this one time in 3 years is not bad. Considering I have rebuild, in my estimates, around 50 computers. 98% success rate isn't bad.

Tonight Mel picked me up from campus and we went out for food and caught Ben's concert. I tried to get Meri and Colin to come along, but Meri was busy with teacher stuff, and Colin had a Bethesda photo thing at the same time.

Tomorrow is Friday. I really don't know where this week went. I can barely remember what I actually did all week. Monday is a total blank in my mind. Tomorrow is LANFEST for MUG. That starts at 7:00 and will probably last me until 3:30 AM. Saturday there is talk again about bowling, or at least doing something with the ULC group before finals come about. I wonder what ULC will be like in the summer and weather or not it would be worth it to go on Wednesdays. I go for the people rather than the service.

My brother got the job at Auburn, NY. It pays twice as much as his current internship in North Carolina. It turns out that I only have 3 full weeks without class over the summer, so I will not be able to visit him :( .

Time for bed. It has been a long day and I need to keep up with the resting so I can have enough energy to get though finals.

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Today was a good day. FUG and ULC were very good. I got a nice back rub from Noel and Adrinne (I got the spelling right this time right?). My upper back has been kind of sore since doing a bunch of lifting during VEISHEA and the games meeting on Tuesday. I have become quite the pro loading and unloading a G5 in and out of my car. It's nice to know that at one point in time I had around $10,000 worth of computer equipment in my car.

Tomorrow, I have a computer I have to pick up first thing in the morning and rebuilt. Also there are Eudora upgrades and a few Retrospect upgrades to go through tomorrow at work. Also, tomorrow Mel will be in town before she has to get ready to go to land of tea and crumpets. Sad Nerdig and Meri are busy that night :( . Oh well, Colin, Mel, and I can do something.

This new blog system makes things to much easier for me. I really love using it compared to the old way. Still needs spell check. Time for bed, so good night.

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I am now the President of the MUG. Yeah!

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Welcome to my new blog system. With this new system, I don't have to edit an HTML document, and you are able to make comments about my posts. Hopefully, sometime this summer when I have time, I will implement a search feature so we can search for specific stuff in my blog. There are a lot of times I have gone though my massive blog to find things. Though, now I am content with the improvements I have just made. I hope you like the new system, and if you have any comments please email them to me or post a comment to this entry :D

It has been raining all day, and it's been fairly cold. I found that I have a few holes in my left shoe so my foot has been wet for a good part of the day. Also, Union Drive between the MU and the parking deck is closed for the summer. This means that I have to walk a lot more just to get to a bus stop. Add rain, a failing umbrella, and broken shoe and that makes for a cold and wet John.

I look forward to tonight's MUG meeting about games. I have to bring Apple's G5 machine and put stuff away in the office space this afternoon after work.

There is a new episode of Enterprise coming out tonight. I will have to make time to see the cliffhanger and then watch the continuation. It really made me upset that they had to take a long break in the middle of the season like that.

Anyway, this is my new blog. Enjoy.
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