John's Wishlist

Last Updated: 02-12-15

This list is subject to change. Here is the wish-list for those who want to buy me something (some may appear on Gaila's List:

  • xkcd swag. particularly interested in the signed prints, posters, and buttons
  • Blue-Ray Movies (if you know what movies I like)
  • Interesting desk ornaments (good place to look for these is Think Geek)
  • Snuggly sweaters
  • Wine (if you know my tastes, dry whites), nice beer
  • Gift Certificates to iTunes, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Target,, Outback Steakhouse, Fighting Burrito

Purchase gifts from Amazon via links in the list or from the search box on the left to send me some commission. If you are buying Amazon gift cards use this link. It doesn't affect your price.