Oh Dear!

This weekend, a bunch of my friends from high school and I tried to go camping. Colin, Gaila and I secured the site Saturday afternoon to setup and play frisbee, since Maggie had to play at commencement. Once Nick and Maggie got there and set up, Gaila and I went into Ankeny to get some groceries for the rest of the weekend. On our way back, I hit a deer.

To be more precise, the deer hit me, as it smashed into the front passenger side of my car. Very lucky, considering I was going 55 when it hit. Gaila and I are both okay. The car is still drivable. The passenger side of my windshield got all cracked up, the passenger side door doesn't open, the antenna was snapped off the base, and the front right section smashed in. About $1,700 damage in total. Click the picture for more.


Once we finally got back and police report all filed and insurance called, it was time for bed. Some pretty nasty storms went though that night. I believe there were reports of 70 Mph winds in our area, but we were so well protected our tents barely shook a couple times throughout the night. After the storm, it proceeded to rain and soak us the rest of the morning. With the firewood all wet, and no more propane, we went into Des Moines for Perkins and figured out what we were going to do. Once we had everything taken down and back in town, we went to Nick and Maggie's to grill the rest of the food for dinner and watch Star Wars until it was time to crash.

I took my day off this monday (taken off for camping) to sleep in and get my car into the shop to get all fixed up. It will be about a week before I get my car back. In the mean time, I have a loaner car.

It has been a long weekend. I'm taking tonight to chill and relax.


"grill the rest of the food

"grill the rest of the food for dinner and watch Star Wars until it was time to crash."

interesting choice of words ...

And shouldn't the entry title be "Oh deer."

Glad to hear everyone's ok!